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Day 13: Greene County Bancorp (GCBC)

Not much to talk about today, but that's kind of the point with this portfolio. I can go on and on about what the market did and why it did what it did, but the whole point of this portfolio is to buy good companies and hold them.

The one stand out in the portfolio so far is Greene County Bancorp as it continues to be a beneficiary of higher interest rates. In a future blog I'll do a deeper dive into what's happening at GCBC and other companies in the portfolio. No additional companies have been bought and nothing has been sold.

The portfolio closed the day DOWN with a loss of -0.08% for -$380.99, producing an overall portfolio loss of

-$3,445.17 (-0.93%). Currently we have 29 companies in the green and 45 still in the red. No new investments have been made. To date, Greene County Bancorp (GCBC) continues to be our biggest gainer, up +10.13%.

Top 5 investments to date by performance:

  1. Greene County Bancorp (GCBC) +10.13%

  2. Facebook (FB) +6.64%

  3. Mid Penn Bancorp (MPB) +5.94%

  4. Dynavax (DVAX) +4.73%

  5. Netease (NTES +4.49%

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