Medicare for All?

“Legislation which compels you to join in a federal health insurance plan is wrong.  It is also wrong—morally and economically wrong—to ignore the health problems of those who cannot pay the cost of adequate medical care.  Federal aid to local health plans that helps make medical care available to those who need it is right.” ― Dwight D. Eisenhower October 10, 1952 from a speech about Medicare legislation A Little Perspective This blog is about investing, DIY investing to take care of yourself, your family and the causes you support with your gifts.  I don't follow or profess any ideology and I don't belong to a political party; so you'll have to put your own judgement aside and just accept

Rush to Recession

"I’m not a fan of MMT — not at all, We don’t need to get into danger zones, and we don’t know precisely where they are.” ― Warren Buffett, democrat The Portfolio The S&P 500, our benchmark index is up 13.35% as of Friday, while Stay Invested is up a mere 7.23%. I have three things to say, 1) 13.35% is amazing and for those who bought an S&P 500 Index as I have encouraged many times, you've done very well. 2) 7.23% is a great return given that a 10 year bond pays about 2.5% and a savings account or CD just slightly higher and the long term S&P average is around 8%. 3) We've achieved 7.23% YTD with much lower volatility than the broad market and with a small portion of our cash put to work.

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