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Day 4: Good Bye 2016

Today was the last day of trading for 2016 and we closed out the year down -0.36% on the day. Overall the portfolio is down -0.84% for a loss of -$3,103.66. The markets and investors get a little time off before we start the New Year. Hopefully 2017 will bring us a little less red ink.

I've had several requests asking if I think a portfolio should include gold, how I feel about index funds and more. This portfolio is not intended to be the sole investments or the beginning investments for a new investor. Remember this project is about my mom. In the new year I'll talk more about a complete investment portfolio, what should be in it, what should be bought first and where investments like this portfolio come into play.

Have a very happy and safe new year.

Stay Invested,

Clay Baker

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