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Day 77: Beating the S&P today

The Mother's Little Helper portfolio was up today +(0.49%) for a GAIN of +3,094.22 . Overall GAIN: +$28,336.71 (+4.69%). 77 stocks in the black, 44 are still in the red.

Today the MLH Portfolio is beating the S&P 500. I've always wanted to say that. However, given that today is only Day 77 and there are 288 days to go before the portfolio closes, the win is not that important. What's interesting is that even though the number of winners has gone down from 88 to 77 the portfolio overall is up 4.69% vs. the S&P 500 which is up 4.60 % since the inception date of the portfolio. Our winners are winning bigger and bigger gains while the losers are coming up slower.

One of the biggest gainers in the market today was The Children's Place, also the subject of a great analysis by CNBC's Jim Cramer on his show Mad Money tonight. The Children's Place soared 18% last Wednesday after reporting fiscal 4th quarter earnings. At a time when retailers are getting crushed by investors for poor earnings, The Children's Place stands out among a handful of remarkable retailers (Ulta, TJX, Footlocker) that have thrived instead of dived.

With all the good news and dramatic share price increase in The Childrens Place, this stock comes in at only #16 on The Mother's Little Helper portfolio. That's right, we have 15 stocks in the portfolio that have performed better year to date. Citrix Systems, Dynavax Technologies, NutriSystem, National Beverage, Masimo, NetEase, Logitech, Cognex, IPG Photonics, Kingstone, Facebook, Mid Penn Bancorp, NVE Corp, Grand Canyon Education, Applied Materials.

Tomorrow we start again and do nothing different.

Stay Invested,

Clay Baker

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