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Day 34: Yellen has a tell

Apple and Facebook both posted a blow out earnings reports, oil closed higher bringing oil and pipeline stocks up and Janet Yellen left interest rates alone today. Let's see what March brings.

Is it just me or does Yellen have a tell? I'm not a serious poker player, but it seems like she talks real hawkish about raising rates when she doesn't, and talks real dovish about rates when she does. Given todays speech I'm guessing she doesn't raise in March. She certainly delivers uncertainty with certain behaviors. The problem right now with leaving rates low is she is signalling that the economy may not be all that great, when there is significant evidence to the contrary. Well, as long as she's not being all political I guess it's okay. Yeah that was sarcasm.

Tracking all this noise is a fun parlor game, but in the long run we'll just stay focused on staying invested in good companies with good balance sheets.

The portfolio closed the day UP with a gain of +407.78 (0.07%), for an overall portfolio gain of +$3,374.42 (+0.56%) Currently we have 63 companies in the green and 58 in the red.

Stay Invested

Clay Baker

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