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The French Ride 2019

“Route des Grandes Alpes”

July 31 - August 14

Many of my readers know that I'm passionate about motorcycles, particularly vintage motorcycles.  When I was in college in Bozeman, Montana I had been through Yellowstone Park by car and open Jeep more times than I can count.  But the first time I really saw the park was when I did it on a motorcycle. 


This year I am organizing a ride that is bound to be the experience of a life time for anyone who rides.  Known as the ROUTE DES GRANDES ALPES, PROVENCE & VERCORS, this ride is a must-do in a biker’s life, the “Route des Grandes Alpes” ranks among the World’s most Legendary Roads.  La Route des Grandes Alpes takes you through four national parks and sixteen mountain passes as you travel through the French Alps, climbing and diving, twisting and turning through mythical mountain passes, valleys, lakes, rivers, gorges and snow-capped summits all the way down to the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea.  We'll ride on the picturesque coastal roads of the French Riviera by motorcycle and realize every rider’s dream through the Verdon Gorges Road offering breathtaking views over Europe’s largest Canyon.  On the awesome last leg of the journey we'll be riding the Vercors, a picturesque road carved in the cliff with stunning views around every curve.  This trip isn't just about motorcycles, we'll enjoy great food, wine tasting on the french riviera and enjoy local culture as can only be done by motorcycle.  This is a 1500km, 10 day journey full of color, sensations and local flavors to last a life time. 

Scroll down to see the full itinerary and distances each day.

Route des Grandes Alpes itinerary.jpg


The itinerary has just started to take shape and may get tweaked a little.  If you're planning to join the ride please allow a day or so on either side of this schedule.

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