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Photos and Video

We're going to do our best to upload photos and video from The French Ride to this page, Facebook and Instagram.  Follow us on Instagram @sprinkleslara and @claywbaker

Highest Mountain Pass in Europe

There's always cows

Boarding bullet train for Aix le Baines

half meter of tapas

Mason Georges amazing chocolates, in a city filled with amazing chocolates

Aux Merveilleux de Fred, meringue, chocolate and nuts made in sizes from a bon bon to a large cake

Toasting Mom and Dad at Les MiniPailaise Paris

Clay, Lara and Tim at Eiffel Tower

She says she'll keep me

Tim, Lara and Clay, Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower lit up and sparkling at night...way...way off in thedistance

Alma, home of The Chimney Cake, you've gotta do this!

Seating inside Alma

Alma, making our chimney cake. See video for the whole process

Chimney Cake

Chimney Cake ready to eat

Exhausted at Arch de Triumph

Tim, Lara and Clay

Okay, one more cake

Espresso and cake

Notre Dam being restored

Brie with honey on toasted french bread

Tim at the Louvre, Goddess of the iPhone

Tim with Mona Lisa

Grand Gallery at The Louvre

Lara at The Louvre with goddess of the iPhone

Lara, Clay and Tim outside the Louvre

Lara and Clay, Arch de Triumph

Tim sad we're leaving the Arch de Triumph

First selfie of the trip using a selfie stick

Best ice creme in Paris

Lara and Clay with the Mona Lisa, we got like 5 seconds to shoot a picture

Climbing wall along the Seine, Paris

Best ice cream in Paris. Try the honey cafe

We spent a lot of time here

Yeah sugar, with an ice cream delivery system

Lara, our fearless navigator

SFO with really big gear bags

Flying over southern tip of Greenland

Arriving Reykjavik Iceland

Tim, Clay & Lara, walking along the Seine

First stop, Circus Bakery

Waiting for the cinnamon buns to bake. Circus Bakery, best cinnamon buns and fruit tarts ever

Circus Bakery, these are sooo hot

Walking around Paris...eating. Best ice cream in Paris

Clay, Lara and Tim attempt a selfie with ice cream

Lara got us to all the cool spots

Dinner finished at 10pm, walking back to hotel

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All Videos

All Videos
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Eiffel Tower and the Seine, Paris

Eiffel Tower and the Seine, Paris

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Outside the Louvre

Outside the Louvre

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Alma Chimney Cakes

Alma Chimney Cakes

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