Day 4: Good Bye 2016

Today was the last day of trading for 2016 and we closed out the year down -0.36% on the day. Overall the portfolio is down -0.84% for a loss of -$3,103.66. The markets and investors get a little time off before we start the New Year. Hopefully 2017 will bring us a little less red ink. I've had several requests asking if I think a portfolio should include gold, how I feel about index funds and more. This portfolio is not intended to be the sole investments or the beginning investments for a new investor. Remember this project is about my mom. In the new year I'll talk more about a complete investment portfolio, what should be in it, what should be bought first and where investments lik

Day 3: A Little Bounce

Another day down, 362 more to go. Today the portfolio was UP 0.28% for a GAIN of $1,372.61 which reduced our overall losses to date to -$1,422.83 (-0.38%). The markets today were quiet again, DOW share volume was only slightly above average. Reading the closing market reports I see that "Banks" were to blame for the fractionally lower close on the Dow. After a while of these posts you'll see that there is a pattern, each day the analysts and pundits find something to blame for the down days and something to rally behind on the up days. Today we're blaming banks, just not the banks in this portfolio. So far we have 9 companies that are up over 1% to as much as 5.43% and 4 of them are reg

Day 2: It's Not Home Sales

Mother's Little Helper took a tumble today, $ -3,259.02 (-0.65%). US stocks were lower today. Why? I don't really care, it's only day 2, if you're worried you're not grasping the concept of buy and hold; we've bought, now we're holding. But for those who want a more thoughtful response, it's simple. We're at the end of the year, many of us just went back to work and the rest of us who are still on vacation aren't sitting around thinking about the stock market (or blogging about it). Some investors who wanted to capture some gains sold, but there just weren't very many investors in the market today doing a lot of buying. In stock market terms there wasn't enough volume or conviction to

Day 1 closed up

We're off to a nice start. One day doesn't exactly make for a trend, but it's always nice to begin with a win. At the close of the US stock markets today the Mother's Little Helper Portfolio was up .30% for a gain of $1,511.03. The portfolio was published this morning with investments in more companies than I had anticipated but limiting the number of excellent companies isn't my call. My litmus test weeds out thousands of companies and what's left behind makes the BUY list. Two years ago my tests here at home produced BUYS for about a dozen companies. One year ago it was about 50 companies. Today the BUY list is at 74, with 50 more on "time-out" until they improve. 124 stocks in a po

Mother's Little Helper Launches

Welcome to my first post, EVER. Yep, this is my first post on my first blog. So why Mother's Little Helper? Mother's Little Helper was once a sarcastic euphemism for constantly being under foot. Today it's more a literal description for all the roles the whole family plays in our mother's daily life. This blog is a project inspired by my mom, her investments and the universal need we all have to live a financially independent life before and after retirement. The objective is very simple; see if an average investor can produce above average results. There are literally thousands of blogs on stocks, options, investing and personal finance. A Google search for investing blogs alone return

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