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Day 84: Visiting Mom, we're up +5.91%

The Mother's Little Helper portfolio was down today (-0.33%) for a loss of -$2,086.81. Overall gain to date: +$35,688.70 (+5.91%). 79 stocks are now in the black, 44 are still in the red. Since my last post on March 16th the portfolio is up +0.19%.

I had to take a break from March Madness and the portfolio to travel to Great Falls Montana to visit my mom. In case anyone has forgotten, this blog and portfolio is dedicated to her and the many seniors who have experienced the kind of trauma from being invested in the markets with high fees and nothing to show for it. Mom is doing well, loves her new home at the Grandview, a senior living center that's part of the Benefis Hospital System.

Like me I think the markets are taking a break between now and Thursday. I'm just not seeing anything that is going to create a catalyst for the markets right now. Even though the markets have been choppy I'm pleased to see that a steady buy and hold strategy is weathering everything the markets throw at us. Being up nearly .20% since last week is a nice gain; especially when oil seems to be dragging the market around again.

I was reading a post by Jim Crammer early this morning. Jim is pacing the floor wondering the same thing, what the hell does oil have to do with the rest of the market? Why are investors following lower oil, creating lower stock prices? Jim thinks there's just nothing else for investors to focus on. They need a reason to trade and oil going lower is as good as any other reason. I'm not sure I agree, but fortunately the MLH Portfolio just doesn't care about what "investors" are doing. The companies we're invested in are going to run their business their way. The CEO's of these companies don't suddenly look up and say, "Wow! Oil is trading lower, lets stop trying to succeed". No, they run their businesses with an eye on the future, growing as best they can.

Stay Invested

Clay Baker

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