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Forest Road

The Search for a Profitable Path

Through the Stock Market

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"Investing for the 99%"


This is it, bare and naked for all to see.  This is the list of stocks and index funds I've chosen for 2019. No hiding, no fancy talk, no Wall Street mambo-jambo, just my picks to help average investors.  


Stay Invested


My regular updates on the portfolio and commentary on investing, and navigating the stock market.


There's a whole lot of stuff I have to tell you and you need to read or else I get into a whole lot of trouble.   Please start here, I'd be obliged.  


This site and blog are an experiment to see if one average investor can achieve above-average results in the stock market by creating a portfolio on their own.  Stay Invested started as a project called "Mother's Little Helper" to tell my mom's story and help investors everywhere learn to invest independently.  Every Mom has a Mother's Little Helper; my mom had four.  My mom and dad had careers that often kept them at work late or away from home for extended periods.  Mom and Dad were there teaching, playing, scolding, supporting, loving, discouraging, hugging, picking up after us, and trying to nudge us generally down the right path.  They helped us go to the best schools, provided us with cars to drive, fed us, clothed us, explained our shortcomings to others, and, in return, put up with monumental amounts of BS from all four of us.


Does some of this sound familiar?     


On January 1, 2007, my Dad passed away unexpectedly.  The next day, Mom faced the biggest challenge of her life: make her savings last.  This project was inspired by the events that began on January 2nd and by all the moms and dads who suddenly find themselves faced with financing retirement.

On August 4, 2018, Mom passed away.  This project continues in her memory and on behalf of all investors.  I focus on investing for growth and income with a portion of your investment dollars.


  Welcome to Stay Invested. 

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